Our Story

The name "2 Percent" was born from an inside banter between The Maker and The Marketer, back in 2015 when they first met. It was something that was said because the interaction was impossibly random and there was a 2% chance of them ever meeting again. That 2% turned into a reality. That 2% then became a staple for all uncanny situations, dreams, goals, endeavors, new ideas, legacies, for anything that appeared impossible. That 2% was trusted. It proved successful for The Maker and The Marketer. That 2% grew into 2 Percent Inc, LLC.

In 2017, with a hectic traveling schedule and always being on the go, The Maker created something that would help her skin from being so dehydrated when flying, something that would add moisture back to her skin, something that would still keep her skin soft and looking good, made with only natural ingredients and that had as much nutrients as possible. That creation was 2 Percent All Natural Body Butter.

Fast forward to 2023, 2 Percent Inc is redesigned and rebranding, expanding and growing. Launching a line specifically for Men, an idea proposed by The Marketer to fill the niche of the lack of natural skin care products available for Men with Multicultural skin types. Designed for the busy man who has limited time to do the "typical" skin care routine, designed for minimal time but maximum results, 2 Percent All Natural Eucalyptus Body Butter was created.

2 Percent Inc is here with a purpose, with a mission, here to love on your skin and solely to "Make Skin Smile"

2 Percent Inc