Bold Journey Magazine meets Garth Voisin

Bold Journey Magazine meets Garth Voisin

We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Garth Voisin a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

Alright, so we’re so thrilled to have Garth with us today – welcome and maybe we can jump right into it with a question about one of your qualities that we most admire. How did you develop your work ethic? Where do you think you get it from?
My work ethic and drive are both from my parents. They both showed us how important it was to have a good work ethic especially when working on things we are pursuing. Both have been successful in their businesses so replicating that is important to me.

Let’s take a small detour – maybe you can share a bit about yourself before we dive back into some of the other questions we had for you?
As Co owner of 2 Percent Inc, a Skin and Hair care line, my aim is to bring some more awareness to Men on the importance of taking care of their skin and hair. In many communities we have different takes on the importance so my goal is to spread the knowledge to those open to the conversation. We have also added a specific line for Men, The Relax Edition, a eucalyptus body butter, peppermint beard oil and coffee coconut scrub. As someone always on the go, time is very important to me, so being able to take care of my skin in the least time possible, is important. That’s why we’ve worked in it being something that Men don’t have to spend too much time on but get the same benefits of clean, healthy looking skin and hair. We also have the original body butter for those who prefer the original Shea butter feel. This year our focus is getting the product to as many Men/ Women as possible, putting a little more attention to Barbershops and Nail Salons, so they too can have the relaxing and smooth experience. Started roughly ten years ago, our products have evolved and after reinvesting in it we saw the need to focus on both Men and Women. Something that we are very passionate and excited about. Make sure to visit our Instagram @2percentinc to be a part of the journey and be the first to see what other exciting venture we are about to embark on. Our motto: Making Skin Smile.

If you had to pick three qualities that are most important to develop, which three would you say matter most?
I would definitely say it was a learning process. Having to be not only open to change but being able to trust the process to the end. So I guess having patience was a skill that we had to learn. Another would be being open to feedback as many of the products we tested and sampled by our panel so that we were able to make any necessary changes based on their feedback. If I was to give any advice, in any area, I would say learn to trust the process.

Okay, so before we go, is there anyone you’d like to shoutout for the role they’ve played in helping you develop the essential skills or overcome challenges along the way?
Family has been a pivotal part of our success so far. Or should I say having a supportive and encouraging family. One willing to have the hard conversation but also supporting and pushing all the way. The one thing that stands out to me would be the great feedback and ideas that they’ve given us that actually helped us evolve the products over time.

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